Filter Paper Flowers


I got the opportunity to see some terrific demonstrator presentations during the Brisbane Convention and one which I marked in my notebook to try when I got home was by Jessica Williams, she made these beautiful roses from crepe filter paper and the two largest of the Floral Frames Framelit dies. When I got home I wanted to try making them myself………..and quickly found that I am definitely not as clean a crafter as she is……


You have the choice of colouring the roses after they are made using an Aqua painter and re-inker or colouring the pieces before they are put together using a brayer and ink pad……..I chose the former………..and trust me when I say, there is an easier way than the one I chose to do!


However when alls said and done – I was pleased with the results (and the re-inker is water based so no harm done) painting the petals after the flowers were made allowed me to colour each petal individually and get a more realistic look to the flowers than uniformly brayering the colour onto the entire flower. So really the only thing I would do in future is not make these flowers whilst I was time anaemic and trying to rush. I am however super excited about the North American Convention (which comes to a close today *insert large sad face here*) as I just know I am going to have a zillion ideas from there that I will want to try out when I get back!

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