Hostess codes & benefits



I am now able to accumulate small online orders & orders given to me using a Hostess Code. This is awesome as it allows me to redeem items if the totals reach hostess benefit levels and pass them onto customers (i.e. those who ordered during that time period) as free thank you rewards! The code will change each month – so be sure to check my newsletter, Facebook or here on my blog for the latest code to use!

If you order online you must enter the current hostess code RV94WAYH and your order will ship directly to you straight away which is brilliant for taking advantage of clearance sales or retirement lists where you don’t necessarily want to wait for me to submit my order as you might miss out on limited stock. Of course I can submit the order for you the traditional way…….of course if your order goes over $300 you get to keep the hostess rewards yourself – this is just an extra way we can order smart and I can reward my customers for shopping with me!


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